4 Types Of Storage Facilities You Should Know

A self-storage facility can be ideal for keeping your belongings when you need additional space. You can also rent a unit to store some of your stuff if you travel frequently. Typically, the services provided by these facilities differ based on your needs, budget, and the items you intend to store. Here are four types of storage facilities you should know about: 

1. Climate-Controlled Facilities

Storage units with climate control features are suitable for items that require protection from extreme temperatures. For example, such units can effectively safeguard your sensitive belongings from humidity. As such, you can store vital documents and furniture that would otherwise suffer damage due to heat or cold.

Although these facilities can be pricey, they are worth the investment in preserving your belongings. Accordingly, you can confidently keep your stuff in these units and find them in excellent condition even after a couple of months.

2. Outdoor Facilities

Outdoor storage units can be invaluable in certain situations, like when de-cluttering your garage. They enable you to store items such as lawnmowers, bicycles, camping gear, kayaks, etc. Besides that, these units can hold vehicles such as boats, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, and trucks.

While these facilities are located outside, you can protect your possessions by investing in quality covers, ensuring that you stow away your vehicles even during the winter. Generally, this type of storage is more affordable compared to climate-controlled units.

3. Mobile Storage

Also known as portable storage, these units are highly beneficial during renovation projects. The service providers deliver a container to your residence or office, and once you load all the stuff you'd like to store, the company picks the container up and takes it to storage.

These facilities come in different sizes to suit your project's needs. What's more, you can rent multiple containers to hold your items. However, if you need to access your unit, you might need to contact the company beforehand.

4. Indoor Storage

Indoor units can be equipped with CCTV cameras and smart locks for additional protection. In some cases, these units also have security guards who ensure your items are safe around the clock.

Indoor storage can be a good choice for items that could suffer damage from weather elements like rain and sunlight. Moreover, these units can hold your items for a short or long period.

Different types of storage facilities are available to meet your expectations and needs effectively. Furthermore, you can choose a unit close to your business or home if you require regular access. The type of storage you pick should ensure your belongings are safe and well-maintained.

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