Need a Storage Unit? Maximize Accessibility with a Few Tips

Once you decide that you need a storage unit, you may begin looking at nearby facilities. Some important details to cover are the rental rate, facility location, and unit sizes. Once you narrow down your options, you can follow a few tips to pick an ideal facility for maximum accessibility.


An indoor storage unit is a great option when you want to protect and store sensitive belongings. Wood, artwork, documents, fabrics, and photos are examples of items that can sustain damage from exposure to extreme temperature and humidity changes.


Pay attention to the floor of the unit for accessibility purposes. Some units will require you to go up an elevator or stairs to reach your possessions. Fortunately, you can prioritize a first-floor storage unit to avoid using either of these features to get upstairs to your storage.

If you can only find units on the upper floors, you may want to prioritize the second floor for the most effortless stair travel. While visiting the unit to pick up or drop off items, you may find that the elevator is extra busy or even under maintenance for a short time. In these instances, you can just take a short flight of stairs to get to your unit without much trouble.

Unit Location

Prioritizing storage units in certain locations will help you maximize accessibility. Getting a bottom floor unit next to one of the entrances minimizes travel time with your items. Another strategy is to pick the closest unit to the elevator and stairs when you get upper floor storage.


Outdoor storage units are usually not equipped with climate control. So, you can rent such a unit with confidence when you need to store a collection of durable items.


An ideal parking situation is parking right outside your storage unit within the facility. This way, you only need to take a few steps, whether loading or unloading items. Wide and spacious roads are helpful because they will allow you to leave the vehicle trunk and doors open.

Unit Location

Some storage facilities are massive, so you may need to drive for a while to reach an outdoor unit in the middle. An easy solution to improve accessibility is by demanding units near an entrance, especially the one you are most likely to use when coming from your house.

Use these tips to rent a storage unit and maximize accessibility.  

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