Four Self-Storage Tips For People With Physical Disabilities

If you have a physical disability that makes it harder for you to get around, you may worry about having to put your items into storage. Carrying everything into a storage unit, stacking boxes, and organizing everything is a lot of work even for someone without any physical challenges! While you will have to do some planning and rely on others for help, you can rent and use a storage facility; start by following these tips.

1. Call storage facilities to see which ones have the most accessible units.

You really need a storage unit that has an outdoor access door, is not located up any complicated stairs or ramps, and that allows you (or your driver) to back the moving truck right up to its entrance. Call around to a few storage facilities in your area to see which ones offer units with the easiest access. You can ask them to send you photos of their units so you can compare them side by side and rent the most accessible one.

2. Rent a larger unit than you think you need.

Many storage centers will have guidelines on their website as to how large a unit you should rent in certain situations. For instance, if you are storing the contents of 2 bedrooms, they may recommend a 10 x 15 unit. As someone who has a little trouble getting around, it's better for you to rent a larger unit than is recommended. This leaves more space for you to maneuver around your stacks of boxes, and it also allows you to leave you box stacks a bit lower -- so you don't have to do as much stacking.

3. Hire movers to load and unload everything. 

Most people think of movers as only moving items from one home to the next. But most moving companies will be happy to send a team to transport your items to storage, if needed. You can always accompany them to ensure items are organized how you would like them to be inside the storage unit. However, you won't need to do any of the heavy lifting.

4. Make sure necessary items are accessible.

If you think you will need to retrieve some items from storage before too long, make sure these items are near the front of the storage unit and easily accessible. This way, you do not need to have a friend un-bury them for you when they're needed.

Contact a facility, like North Star Mini Storage, to get started.

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