4 Items To Store In Self-Storage

When it comes to storing items, a regular storage unit will work for lots of your storage needs. However, sometimes you need to protect your items a little more. There are some items that you should only store in a climate controlled storage unit. With a climate controlled storage unit, the temperature is the same through the year, and the humidity is controlled.

#1 Artwork

Artwork needs to be preserved. To start with, it should be wrapped up with packing material that will not damage the items. Both high temperatures and humidity can be damaging to a variety of artwork, from painting to photography. If you don't want the quality of your artwork to be damaged while it is in store, you need to make sure that you keep these items in a climate controlled storage unit that will mimic what it is like inside of your home.

#2 Documents

If you have paper documents that you want to store and keep in good shape, once again, you want to use a climate controlled storage unit. When moisture, even moisture in the air, is not accounted and controlled for, that moisture can get into the paper and cause the paper to warp. Depending on the quality of the paper and the ink used on the paper, the words could get damaged as well. If you are storing tax documents, financial documents, business and legal documents, or sentimental documents, you need to keep them in a stable environment.

#3 Electronics

Despite how prevalent electronics are in day-to-day life, they are actually really sensitive items. When it comes to electronics, you want to protect your items from dramatic temperature changes. Really hot and really cold weather can have a damaging impact on the function and lifespan of your electronic items. Additionally, humidity and moisture can be really damaging for electronic items.

#4 Antiques

Although your antiques have lasted many years, they still need to be treated with care. If you don't take careful care of your antiques, they could get easily damaged. Lasting for so many decades often makes items more fragile, not less. The value of antiques are also often fickle; a little damage can dramatically alter the value of your items.

If you have artwork, paperwork, electronic items, and antiques to store, make sure that you are doing so in a climate controlled storage unit, such as one from Storage Now, that will protect the integrity of these items.

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