Practical Tips for Mini Storage Organization

If you don't organize your stored items properly, you will have a hard time locating things when you need something from the mini storage unit. Here are a few tips to help you keep things organized in storage for ease of retrieval.

Carefully Label Everything

There is nothing as disheartening as getting into a storage unit to retrieve something only to discover that you have no clue which box contains it. You can easily avoid such disappointment by labeling all your storage boxes appropriately. Label at least two sides and the top of each box so that you can always read the label irrespective of the box's orientation. Also, use a labeling marker that won't rub off or fade easily during storage or handling.

Place Similar Items Together

It is also advisable to pack similar items in the same box and place boxes of similar or related items around the same place within the storage unit. For example, you shouldn't scatter your winter clothes among different boxes if they can fit one or two boxes. If you have two boxes of winter clothes, you should place them together in the storage unit so that you can access them both the same time during retrieval.

Create a Storage Inventory

If you are storing numerous items, then it also makes sense to keep an inventory of the items in your storage unit. You don't want to rummage through your storage boxes for gardening tools that you had loaned out to a neighbor. Create an inventory of the stored items, plus their number, and make a copy of the inventory. Leave one of the inventory copies in the unit and keep one with you at home. That way you can always access your inventory even if you forget to carry it to the storage facility.

Create Adequate Walkways

There should be walkways or aisles in your storage unit to make it easy to navigate the unit. Don't pack your boxes so tightly that you have to remove the ones in the front to access the ones at the back. As an added bonus, the aisles will also encourage air circulation within the unit and help protect your items from moisture damage.

Put Frequently Accessed Boxes at the Front

Lastly, it's also a good idea to keep the items you are planning to access first or frequently at the front of the unit. That way you can just open the mini storage unit and grab the items without moving any boxes or going through the storage boxes.

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