Simple Steps For Storing Sentimental Items

Whether you are moving to a new home at some point or you just lack space in your current home, renting a storage unit can be a great option for your belongings. Not only can you save space, but you can also ensure your items will be stored in a safe and convenient manner. Of course, certain items deserve even more special care. If you have a variety of sentimental item, these tips will help you store those items in the most effective manner.


You cannot just place your items in a storage unit and hope they are safe. Using proper containers and protective packaging is imperative before you start moving your sentimental items into the storage facility.

The type of packaging you use will depend on the specific items.

For example, photo albums, which are common items most people have, should be wrapped in tissue paper or newspaper before being placed into a moisture-resistant tote or container.

If you are saving clothing that has sentimental value, using plastic totes that seal completely is ideal. Moisture and pests can infiltrate cardboard boxes, so the plastic or rubber-style containers are best.

Fragile items should be wrapped before packed. Use newspaper or bubble wrap and seal the ends of these protective layers using tape.


Not all storage units are created equal. Some people will utilize traditional units that lack any type of heating and cooling. While less expensive, non-climate-controlled storage units are not recommended for storing certain items.

If you are storing photos, books, clothing, pottery, ceramics, or other sentimental belongings, make sure to invest in a climate-controlled facility.

This type of storage will not only heat and cool your unit as necessary, but it will also maintain healthy humidity levels. High amounts of humidity can warp and wilt your belongings while increasing the risk of mold growth and pest infestations. These issues can affect the look, feel, and overall sentimental and financial value of your belongings.

Once you choose your actual storage unit, you will need to make sure the items are placed appropriately. If you believe you will want access to certain items, make sure they are kept at the front of your unit.

Also, avoid placing any boxes or packing totes directly on the floor of your unit. Create a layer of protection between your packing containers and the floor using cardboard boxes, blankets, towels, or even pallets. 

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