4 Tips For Storing Large Antiques And Collectibles In Self-Storage Units For Wintertime

During the winter months, you may need storage for different things, such as collectibles, boats, and even classic cars. These are items that will need special care when storing them in self-storage facilities. You want to be sure you do maintenance before, during, and after storing large valuable and collectible items. Here are some storage tips for storing large antiques and collectibles in self-storage facilities.

1. Maintenance Needs of Large Objects with Engines in Self-Storage

There may be large items that you store in self-storage, which can have engines and need maintenance. Before you store objects like boats or classic cars, you want to do all the maintenance you would normally do before winter to the engines. In addition, you may want to consider using additives that will help prevent fuels and lubricants from breaking down while in storage over the winter months.

2. Storage Maintenance of Cars and Engines Through Winter Months

Even though you do maintenance before winter with engines are left in storage, there is going to be maintenance that is needed during winter. You want to start engines a few times through the winter and inspect them for problems. In addition, you want to inspect tires and paint on these items to ensure they are holding up during the cold weather.

3. Preventing Winter Damage to Other Collectibles in Storage During Cold Weather

Winter damage is something that you must be aware of when storing anything in self-storage during the winter months. Cold weather can cause damage if there is any moisture left around or in items. Make sure that anything you store is dry. In addition, for engines, make sure that you use antifreeze that protects against freezing temperatures.

4. Caring for Large Antiques and Collectibles After the Winter Weather Has Passed

After the threat of winter weather has passed, you will do maintenance to prepare for warmer weather. Make sure to undo any winterization you did, which should include changing fluids in any engines. You also want to inspect collectibles for any damage and problems that occurred during the winter months. It is also a good idea to clean everything to make sure it is in good shape and make sure no pests nested in storage over the winter months.

These are some tips to help with the storage of large antiques and collectibles over the winter months. If you need help with storing large items, contact a self-storage facility to help find the space you need to store these valuable items. 

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